The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and Silica

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Several studies have shown that silica-rich water, especially that derived from food grade diatomaceous earth, lowers the amount of aluminium that your body ingests, thereby aiding the detoxification process. The trick is to consume it in moderation, ideally in the form of a drink.

The aforementioned silica-rich water is a good start, but you can also obtain the same effect by inhaling food grade diatomaceous earth. The aforementioned silica-rich food grade diatomaceous earth is safe for human consumption, with the exception of silicosis in high concentrations. Diatomaceous earth may be a natural insecticide, but it can also induce desirable weight gain and impair your immune system.

In the bioinorganic realm, pure silica (SiO2) is a water-soluble silicic acid anhydride, although it can be converted to crystalline silica during calcination. For good health, silica is an essential mineral. In the human body, silica is found in several sites. Among the many benefits of silica are its ability to reduce cholesterol levels and boost immune function. In fact, one study has shown that after six weeks of inhaling the aforementioned food grade diatomaceous earth, serum cholesterol levels were reduced by 13.2%. Moreover, silica is a good way to get rid of mycotoxins in the stools.

In addition to being a funky looking rock, diatomaceous earth is also a good adsorbent of the myriad mycotoxins that plague the human body. It also has the esoteric ability to lower serum cholesterol levels. This property has been demonstrated in the lab, but can be achieved in the home with a little effort.

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