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What is fumed alumina?
Fumed alumina has the characteristics of fine particles, high purity, good dispersion, and positive surface charge, so it is widely used in fluorescent energy-saving lamps, high-gloss paper, powder coatings, and other fields. It is an important inorganic chemical raw material.
Synthesis of fumed alumina by gas phase method.
The vapor of aluminum chloride, the main raw material for gas phase synthesis of alumina, exists in the form of covalent dimer Al2Cl6 when it is dissolved in a non-polar solvent or in a molten state, which can easily absorb water in the air and liberate hydrogen chloride to form acid fog.
Therefore, in the synthesis of fumed alumina, aluminum chloride is first sublimated into gas and then hydrolyzed at high temperature in an oxygen-hydrogen flame to form primary particles, which form aggregates after collision and agglomeration. Together with the waste gas generated by high-temperature hydrolysis, the aggregates enter the high-efficiency separator for gas-solid separation and then enter the desorption tower to remove HCl gas, and the desorbed alumina is the finished product, which can be packed in the silo.
Application of fumed alumina
1. The application of fumed alumina in the coating of inkjet printing paper
Gas-phase alumina is used to coat high-quality inkjet printing paper, providing the paper with high gloss and superior print quality. Gas phase alumina due to small particles, a high specific surface area, has a high pore structure, the absorption rate of water-based ink is fast, the amount of ink absorption is high so that the printing color is full, and the image layer sense is good. Its surface with a positive charge, not only can improve its dispersion in water, but in the printing image can also be well combined with the water ink in the electronegative dye, improve the ink solid force, so as to ensure the quality of the image.
2. Application of fumed alumina in powder coatings
Gas phase alumina used in powder coating can prevent coating caking, increase the fluidity of powder coating, improve the powder rate, improve the wear resistance of the coating. In coil steel coating, it can also be used as a heat and radiation protection agent. Because of its positive charge, the gas-phase alumina can make the non-triboelectric products with tribostatic charge, extremely suitable for electrostatic friction construction. In electrostatic powder coating construction, powder fluidity is particularly good, can greatly improve the construction coating performance, and help powder deposition in the construction process. For all powder coatings, vapor-phase alumina can be dry mixed before or after powder crushing, usually in a ratio of 0.1-0.3% of the total formulation.
3. Application of fumed alumina in energy-saving fluorescent tubes
Gas phase alumina as phosphor layer inorganic binder (S0, phosphor to each other, and the adhesion of the glass surface is poor, easy to produce dedusting problem, so in phosphor slurry added 2%~5% gas phase alumina as an inorganic binder, can obviously, enhance the phosphor between each other and the adhesion between the tube, to avoid phosphor falling off.
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