CUMI Aluminium Oxide

CUMI, a well known manufacturer and exporter of abrasives, manufactures a wide range of bonded abrasives. The company has established a strong foothold in Engineered Ceramics through joint ventures. The company is a leader in India and reaches customers in diverse industries. CUMI products are CE and GS certified.

CUMI's Cylindrical Grinding Wheels are used in various grinding operations for providing fine surface finish and size generation. The company has manufacturing facilities in India, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Russia and China. The abrasive wheels manufactured by CUMI are of high quality. The company is a market leader in India with a 75% market share.

CUMI has established its presence in Middle East through joint ventures. It was incorporated in Cyprus in 2006. In 2006, CUMI diversified its operations by purchasing the Abrasive Enterprises Inc., Canada. The company also acquired the Bauxite mines in Gujarat, India. In addition, CUMI diversified its operations by acquiring the Silicon Carbide plant in Kerala, India. CUMI's first Industrial Ceramics division was formed as a technical partnership with Coors Ceramics, USA.

CUMI has also established a 12MW Hydroelectric power plant in Kerala, India in 1994. CUMI has also established a 5.5MW Wind mill in Nallur, Kerala, India. It has also set up a Zirconia Bubble Fusion Plant with modern tilt furnaces. The company has invested INR 80 crores in Kochi, India. CUMI also manufactures various types of metal working fluids. It has also made a technical collaboration with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India.

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