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What are alumina balls?
The use of alumina (AL2O3) in the catalyst is usually called activated alumina, it is a porous, high dispersion of solid material, has a large surface area, and its microporous surface has the characteristics required by catalytic action, such as adsorption performance, fluoride removal performance, drying performance, surface activity, excellent thermal stability, etc. So it is widely used as a catalyst and catalyst carrier for household desiccant and chemical reactions.
Characteristics of alumina balls
High-performance modern water-activated alumina in the amorphous refractory ingredients can bring the following benefits: improve the density of the billet, fluidity, and strength, improve the secondary mullite generation, and reduce the amount of water and porosity. In addition, activated alumina can also do adsorbent, desiccant, water absorption, drying speed, and regeneration (400-500K baking) and water absorption does not expand, with no cracking, and no deformation.
Application of alumina ball
It is widely used as a catalyst and catalyst carrier in the petrochemical industry and fertilizer industries. Modern water activated alumina has adsorption characteristics, so used as a desiccant of gas and liquid, gas purification adsorbent, drinking water defluoridation agent, and industrial sewage color and odor elimination agent.
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