China Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting

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china aluminium oxide sandblasting is a blast media that can be used to clean and strip products such as rust, mill scale and failing paint. It is also excellent for imparting an anchor pattern to a surface as well as removing slag and scale. It can be used for wet or dry blasting applications and has a wide variety of uses across many industries. When deciding on which blast media to use it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both steel grit and aluminum oxide. Steel grit tends to cost less per cycle and is easier on sandblast equipment. However, it may have issues when working with stainless steel. Aluminum Oxide is more expensive but is able to be reused a lot more times and has a lower chance of damaging or contaminating the substrate with iron.

Fused brown aluminum oxide, also known as pink fused alumina or chromium alumina is an artificial corundum that is produced by fusion of high purity alumina powder with chromium in electric arc furnace at more than 2000 degrees. It has low iron content and will not leave rust on the surface of a product which is a major benefit when working with delicate or expensive products.

Brown alumina has better toughness than white fused alumina and is a very durable abrasive that will last longer than steel grit. It is also more cost effective than sand and can be used on a wider range of projects. It is also suitable for wet type sandblasting and can be used where iron powder residue cannot be tolerated.

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