Aluminum Oxide Laser Marking

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Laser marking aluminum is a quicker and cheaper alternative to etching or ink stamping, yet also allows for more precise and attractive results. It also lasts longer than other methods and does not affect the integrity of the workpiece – an important feature when you are working with items that must endure rigorous surface treatments such as shot blasting and sandblasting.

Whether you are marking anodized or bare aluminum, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right laser type and power output. For example, some types of anodized aluminum coatings require a more intense laser setting to ablate the layer without leaving noticeable holes in the workpiece. In addition, the color of the engraving can depend on the material or surface treatment used in anodization.

Bare aluminum and some anodized materials can be marked with either a CO2 or fiber laser, but the choice of laser will depend on the color and type of coating applied to the metal as well as the desired marking intensity. In general, a laser with a higher power output will produce a more prominent and more clearly recognizable mark than a lower power laser.

Trotec offers a range of high-quality and affordable laser machines that are suitable for marking anodized aluminum with the required power levels. All our lasers come equipped with standard features such as a fume extraction system and an air knife to ensure safe and consistent laser processing of metal materials.

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