Aluminum Oxide

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Known in the materials science community as alpha alumina, aluminum oxide is one of the most important uses of aluminum. It has found wide applications in the aerospace, mining, and ceramic communities.

It is a highly thermally stable material and has high melting point and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in fire retardant, refractory, and electrical insulator materials. It is also used as filler in bricks, plastics, sandpaper, and cutting tools.

The most common crystalline form of aluminum oxide is corundum. Other crystalline forms include rubies and sapphires. The color of these materials is dependent on impurities such as iron and chromium.

Aluminum oxide is also used in coating titanium pigments and in refractory materials. It has excellent mechanical strength and is resistant to corrosion in a variety of in vivo environments. It is also used in piping components, machining tools, and ceramics. In addition, it is used in a variety of commercially important chemicals. It is also used in many applications in the medical field.

Aluminum oxide is found in a wide variety of forms, including powders, pellets, and sputtering targets. It is also available in nanopowder, which is a highly purified form of the material.

Aluminum oxide is also used as an electrical insulator, especially in power electronics. It is also used as a substrate for integrated circuits. It is also used for many commercially important chemicals and is the main material used for the manufacture of aluminium metal.

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