The Use of Aluminium Oxide

Among the different advanced ceramic materials, Aluminium Oxide is one of the most versatile. Its excellent thermal and electrical properties make it perfect for a variety of industrial applications. In addition, it is a versatile, safe, and chemically inert material.

Aluminium oxide is a white odorless crystalline powder that is used in various industries. It can be used as abrasive material, insulator, and catalyst in industrial reactions. In addition, it can be used as an anti-slip surface. Its high melting point and boiling point make it a good electrical insulator. It is also used to make tougher glass.

Aluminium oxide powder is produced through grinding and crushing. It is then pressed into flakes by a compactor. The compactor has a screw that rotates at 80 revolutions per minute. It is fitted with a 12-mm corrugated profile roller. It has a pressing force of 10-20 kN.

It is suitable for use as a filler in heavy clayware and plastics. It is also used in ceramics as a grinding agent. The crystalline form of Aluminium Oxide, corundum, is the most common naturally occurring crystalline form. It is also used in laboratory equipment.

It is a good insulator and resists corrosion. It is also used in furnace linings and refractory materials. In addition, it is used in the manufacture of thermocouple protection tubes. It is also used in the manufacture of bearings, mechanical seals, and cutting tools. It is used in several industries, including the ceramic and microchip industries.

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