Aluminium Oxide Powder

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Aluminium oxide powder is used in several industries, including abrasive blasting, polishing, thermal spraying, and scratch repair kits. It is also used in glass formulations. These materials are available in a range of purity grades.

Aluminum oxide is available in basic (pH 9.5) and acidic (pH 4.5) formulations. The latter is recommended for use in chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition.

The most common form of crystalline aluminum oxide is corundum. This material is used as a refractory material due to its high melting point. Corundum also contains trace impurities that give it its different colors. In addition, it can be heated to a temperature of over 3,000 degrees Celsius.

Alumina has a low thermal expansion and a compressive strength. It is used in a variety of applications, such as ceramic metallization, metalworking, and the aerospace industry. Moreover, it is a component of composite materials.

Fused alumina is also used in sandpaper and in the manufacture of refractories. It can be supplied in a wide variety of grain sizes and grain groupings.

Besides its industrial applications, it is also found in cosmetics. It is commonly used as a sunscreen ingredient. Besides, it is a filler for plastics.

Aluminum oxide is sold in different packaging, ranging from pails and super sacks to bulk containers. It is manufactured to the strictest regulatory standards. Some of its uses include abrasive blasting, grinding, polishing, and forming.

White alumina is a high-purity product that is widely used for surface preparation. It is a good choice for rough sand blasting and setting up the surfaces for painting.

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