Brown Aluminum Oxide Uses

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Brown aluminum oxide is a tough material used in bonded and coated abrasives, refractories and ceramics. It is also used for blasting metals and preparing surfaces before coating or painting. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes from macro to micro grits and powders.

KLEEN BLAST has a wide variety of antislip aggregates to meet any industrial or commercial need. Our abrasives are all made from the finest grade of fused aluminum oxide (brown fused alumina), through an electric arc furnace process. The resulting product is extremely durable and is very tough on all types of surfaces. It can be used for removing mil scale, rust, paint, carbon deposits and other surface contaminants without the health risks of sand. Our abrasives are all available in a variety of grit sizes and colors to provide the most cost effective solution to your specific project.

Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring mineral found in earth’s crust. It has excellent dielectric strength, especially at high temperatures. These properties make it an ideal material to use in spark plugs, heat sink insulators and various electrical components. Its hardness and abundance also makes it an ideal material for creating dental crowns, implants, prosthetic eyeballs and other medical devices.

This material is also a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to steel wool for cleaning surfaces. It has a high corrosion resistance and can be repeatedly recycled. It has a high thermal conductivity and is also resistant to alkalis, acids and harmful atmospheres.

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