Aluminum Oxide Suppliers in Chennai

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Aluminum oxide suppliers in chennai supply this mineral in granular, powder and pellet form. The granular type is used as an abrasive in blasting operations, while the powder form is often used for cleaning and surface preparation.

Manufacturers of abrasive grains typically make aluminum oxide grit by crushing and grinding aluminum oxide crystals that are mined from bauxite ore deposits. The first step in this process is to create a slurry of the bauxite ore with chemicals, such as caustic soda and lime. The slurry is then heated to break down the bauxite ore and separate the aluminum oxide crystals from any other minerals and impurities.

This slurry is then pumped into a hopper where it will be deposited onto the floor of a warehouse or other large production area. The grit is then sorted and labeled according to its size.

Aluminium Oxide Grit is the most widely used abrasive grain in sand blasting finishing and surface preparation because it is relatively inexpensive, durable, and hard. The grit is also able to cut faster than other abrasive materials, which helps reduce the number of cuts required to achieve a clean, smooth surface.

The abrasive can be purchased in a variety of grit sizes and can be recycled many times. It is a good choice for industrial applications because it can be used safely in high-temperature environments.

Aluminium oxide is also used to manufacture tiles that are attached inside pulverized fuel lines and flue gas ducting on coal-fired power stations to protect high wear areas from damage. It is also used to produce bullet-proof alumina glass.

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