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Usually, aluminum oxide is prepared by reacting aluminum with water vapor. Aluminum oxide can also be obtained by reacting aluminum with steam. In addition to its use in manufacturing, aluminum oxide can be used as a degreaser. It is also useful in making electrical insulators.

Aluminum oxide is also used in construction materials such as tile and ceramics. In addition, aluminum oxide can be used as a catalyst for cracking petroleum and other organic compounds. Aluminum oxide is also used in the manufacture of bulletproof armor. It is an effective catalyst for pyrolytic decomposition of many organic compounds. It is also used in high-temperature furnace insulation.

Aluminum oxide has an extremely low particle size and is amorphous. It is available in very fine crystalline form. The average particle size is less than five microns. Aluminum oxide is typically weighed as a light, white powder. It is soluble in cold dilute hydrochloric acid. It is also highly purified.

Aluminum oxide is used in the manufacturing of advanced ceramics. In ceramic pastes, it exhibits excellent behavior. It also improves the flexural strength of ceramic processes. Its mechanical properties and tribological properties increase significantly. It also reduces drying shrinkage and drying time. It also reduces costs of non-plastic raw materials.

Aluminum oxide is highly resistant to mercury action. At ordinary temperatures, aluminum is only a little soluble in mercury. It is difficult to amalgamate aluminum with mercury. The process is time-consuming.

The method of preparing aluminum oxide is designed to prepare small particles, which are separated and conducted to the firing chamber. The resulting particles are fluffy white powder.

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