White Aluminum Oxide

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White Aluminum Oxide is a very hard mineral that can be used in a wide range of applications. It is a good choice for abrasive blasting media because of its durability and low porosity. The white color of the material is also a good indication of its purity.

It is produced by fusing high purity alumina in an electric arc furnace. White fused aluminum oxide is widely used in sandpaper and grinding wheels, as well as in coatings.

One of the main advantages of white aluminium oxide is its thermal stability. This helps in ensuring that it can be reused many times. In addition, its toughness ensures that it can withstand high stress levels and temperatures. Another advantage is its ability to resist corrosion.

White Aluminium Oxide is one of the best choices for abrasive blasting media. It is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and oil and gas. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications, and is very clean.

White Aluminium Oxide is used in the manufacture of high quality exfoliating creams, and can be recycled several times. This makes it an ideal choice for microdermabrasion processes.

Other uses for White Aluminum Oxide include the manufacturing of light emitting coatings, refractory materials, and anti-slip aggregates. This material is available in a variety of particle sizes, which makes it versatile.

White Aluminum Oxide is a safe and effective alternative to sand. It has a very sharp edge that can withstand intense pressure and wear.

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