White Aluminium Oxide Grinding Wheels

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White Aluminium Oxide grinding wheels are widely used in the surface and tool room grinding applications. They have a quick cut rate and an extensive lifespan. A variety of abrasive grains are available for use in these types of grinding wheels.

Silicon carbide grit is usually mixed with aluminum oxide grit in these wheels. The blend provides an excellent grinding performance on soft and hard alloys. This type of grain is also used as a polishing grit on steel.

Aluminum oxide is best suited for metals and high tensile strength alloys. It offers good value and consistent performance. However, it dulls over time.

Ceramic grit is another option for sharpening tools. It is more expensive than aluminum oxide, but it will last longer and will not dull. Typically, it is used in lower carbon steels and tool steels.

If you need a grinding wheel that runs cooler, look for premium quality grinding wheels. These offer the best cutting action and sharpening capabilities for carbon tool steels. In addition, they are less likely to pull temper from steel.

Sidamo produces a wide variety of white aluminium oxide grinding wheels. Each wheel is designed for a specific grinding application. Specifically, this wheel is designed to help you sharpen knife blades. It features a thin 3/32" thickness and ceramic-infused zirconia alumina.

Weiler Abraives manufactures portable grinding wheels. Their Tiger(r) Aluminum wheel features a contaminant-free formula. These are ideal for sharpening knives and other sharpening tools.

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