Spherical Aluminum Oxide CAS 1344-28-1 Al2O3 Powder

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Spherical alumina has high sphericity and high alpha-phase alumina content and shows superior performance as a filler for rubber, plastic, and ceramic raw materials. Purity:99.9% Shape: Spherical

About spherical alumina powder. Spherical alumina powder is spherical alumina produced by the high-temperature fusion injection method, which has the characteristics of high sphericity and high content of alpha-phase alumina, and shows superior performance when used as a filler for rubber and plastic as well as a raw material for ceramics.

Features of spherical alumina powder 1、High filling High sphericity of particles, wide particle size distribution, high-density filling of rubber and plastic, low viscosity and good flowability of the mixture. 2、High thermal conductivity Because it can be filled with high density, compared with crystalline silicon powder, high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation can be obtained. 3、Low wear Because of its spherical appearance, it greatly reduces the wear and tear of mixer, molding machine and mold equipment, which can extend the service life of the equipment.

  1. High filling density: large particle diameter and wide particle size distribution, realizing high-density filling of rubber and plastic, producing low viscosity and good flowability of the compound.
  2. High thermal conductivity: Compared with crystalline silica, high filling density can produce compounds with higher thermal conductivity and higher heat dissipation rate.
  3. Low abrasiveness: Due to its spherical shape, it is less abrasive to kneading machines, molding machines and molds.

Applications of spherical alumina powder (1) Filler for heat sink, heat sink substrate (MC substrate), heat sink grease, phase change sheet (2) Filler for semiconductor packaging resin (3) Filler for silicone heat sink binder and mixture (4) Ceramic filter

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