Removing Aluminum Oxide Varnish From Hardwood Floors

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Aluminum oxide varnish is a type of finish for hardwood flooring, often used as an additive to water-based urethane finishes. Essentially, it adds a layer of durable scratch resistant coating to the wood that resists damage from scratches and keeps its original color and sheen.

The finish also protects the wood against oxidation and seals the wood’s top surface to help it withstand abrasion and prevent wear from everyday use. This is an important feature for those looking to protect their investment in a new floor for years to come.


While the aluminum oxide varnish is durable and will last a longer time than other finishes, it still needs to be refinished periodically. This can be difficult for those that are not familiar with it.


While not as durable as polyurethane, aluminum oxide is more resilient against scratches. This is due to the high density of the particles that are added to the urethane coating, which can help to keep the wood from being damaged and reduce the amount of time it takes for a scratch to show up.


Because of the hardness of the aluminum oxide coating, it can be more difficult for oil to penetrate the urethane finish and stain the wood. However, even the hardest of all urethanes can show up stains from cooking oils if left on the floor long enough.

Fortunately, there are some easy solutions that can be used to safely remove aluminum oxide from a wood floor. For example, WerkMaster has a SandPaperLess solution that can be used to safely and easily remove this kind of finish from hardwood floors.

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