Dental Grade Aluminium Oxide Powder – 50 Micron (240 Grit) – Two Pound Plastic Bottle

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White Aluminium Oxide Powder - 50 MICRON (240 Grit), Two Pound Plastic Bottle

A dental grade abrasive, this extra friable, high purity, medium density, fused aluminum oxide is made by heating calcined alumina in an electric arc furnace. It is an excellent abrasive for micro abrasion in dental applications where purity, chemical stability or high fractiousness are key issues to be considered.

Using aluminium oxide for the right application is an effective way to prepare extraoral restorations for cementation. It provides precise surface micro-roughness, improves bond strength by up to 400%, and cleans and coats (siliconized) surfaces for effective reinforcement of adhesion with bonding agents.

It is a great material for removing cement, re-etching crowns and bridges, adjusting interdental contacts, cleaning castings, and preparing and placing zirconia crowns. It is also used in air polishing prophylaxis to remove plaque and enhance hygiene and appearance of teeth.

In addition, sandblasting aluminum oxide particles is considered an alternative to firing porcelain and luting cements because it can increase the mechanical retention strengths of succeedingly applied fired porcelain or luting cements. However, it is crucial to monitor the sandblasting conditions in terms of size and shape so that sandblasting dental prostheses can be fabricated in optimum and acceptable conditions.

It has been determined that the best air abrasion material to use is a 29 micron aluminum oxide particle that can cut through: ceramics, composites, compomers and glass ionomers as well as enamel and dentine. It will also remove stains from tooth enamel and can be used for restoring fractured tooth structures.

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