Blasting With Aluminum Oxide – Abrasive Blasting Grit

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Aluminum oxide is a long lasting, economical blasting grit that is used for cleaning and surface preparation in a variety of industrial applications. It has good strength and durability for long term use, and can be recycled several times before it breaks down. It works well in a variety of blasting equipment including both hand held and pressurized abrasive blast cabinets.

Blasting with aluminum oxide removes corrosion, mill scale, rust, coatings and more. It is also effective at etching and finishing surfaces for painting, plasma deposition, metallizing, sand-blasting, welding and plating. It is the abrasive of choice in critical aerospace applications where ferrous contamination is unacceptable. It is a very tough and durable material, registering 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, yet is soft enough to penetrate tenacious scales and unwanted salts and oxides.

This angular, durable blasting media can be recycled many times and is often preferred to mineral or slag abrasives because of its cost advantage, longevity and high hardness. Its high bulk density, hardness and angular shape result in more energy being transferred to the surface of your workpiece for faster cutting action which increases production rates. It is approximately 50% lighter than steel metallic blast media grains and has twice as many particles per pound.

It is important to pick the correct abrasive for your application. Generally speaking, you will want to pick the maximum size abrasive that is equal to or larger than the thickness of the coating or corrosion that needs to be removed. This will ensure that the abrasive will effectively clean your workpiece and will not damage it.

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