Black Oxide Aluminium

Black oxide aluminium is one of the hardest minerals. It is formed from the electrofusion of iron oxide and micro-elements. The abrasive properties make black oxide suitable for certain applications. For example, black oxide can be used to blacken steel parts.

During this process, the alumina layer is treated with an appropriate solution to generate black coloration. This process is not only applicable to aluminum alloys, but also to other metals and materials.

A common application is heat exchangers for the automotive industry. However, this particular application requires a solution that is not readily available. Until now, the use of a black oxide coating has been limited.

A black oxide coating will last for a long time because it is able to resist corrosion. However, it cannot replace phosphate or plated finishes. It will not chip or peel off, but it does not offer the same level of protection.

There are two types of black oxide coatings. One is called a hot black finish. In this type of procedure, parts are submerged in salt baths at a temperature of 275 deg F to 295 deg F. Another type of process is called a cold process.

Among the two types, the hot black finish is the most popular. However, this type of black coating will be prone to wear off faster in a high-temperature environment. To avoid this problem, lower temperatures should be used.

Several factors, such as the thickness of the oxide layer and the type of after-finish treatment, affect the final appearance of the part. When the aesthetics of the part are important, it is best to opt for a matte or glossy finish.

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