Black Aluminium Oxide Suppliers

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Manufacturer of abrasives for polishing, deburring and grinding applications. Products include black aluminium oxide (alumina) in powder & granule forms. Aluminium oxide has a high melting point of 2,072 degrees C, chemical inertness and excellent wear resistance. It is used as abrasive grit in sandblasting to smooth, deburr or etch metals prior to paint removal, and for surface preparation in manufacturing and construction industries. Other products include slurries & abrasive blast media in standard mesh sizes from 12 to 280. Serves aerospace, food processing, fluid handling, automotive, scientific & mineral industries.

ISO 9001:2008 certified. Custom manufacturer of machinable ceramic components & substrates including alumina, mullite, boron nitride & stabilized zirconia. Capabilities include design & application engineering, fast-track production, rush orders & partial shipments. Also offers custom fabrication & high-temperature furnace equipment. Serves semiconductor, automotive, aerospace & medical markets.

Black fused alumina, also known as low aluminum corundum, is manufactured from bauxite in electric arc furnaces. It is a dark gray crystal with a lower aluminum oxide content than other types of alumina. It is not as hard as white alumina, but is still suitable for abrasive blasting applications.

The black aluminium oxide suppliers supply abrasive blast media for rough grinding of plated metals, deburring and cleaning fabricated metal products. It is available in different sizes of mesh and is a semi-durable abrasive that can be recycled several times over for reuse. It is a sharp, angular abrasive with a hardness of 9 Moh.

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