Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheels

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Generally, aluminum oxide grinding wheels are used in general grinding, such as in cutting tools, toolroom applications, and in the tool and die industry. They are also used in grinding the surface of various metals, such as steel, brass, aluminum, and bronze.

Aluminum oxide is a hard material that is suitable for grinding steels and metals. Aluminum oxide is usually blended with silicon carbide or zirconia alumina to optimize performance. Zirconia alumina provides faster cutting, greater heat dissipation, and a longer wheel life. Depending on the type of metal you're grinding, aluminum oxide can offer exceptional value and performance.

Abrasive wheels come in many different shapes and sizes. There are cups, cut off wheels, and other shapes that can be used in a variety of applications. For example, the shape of a cup can be used to make reinforcement bars. The shape of a cut off wheel can also be used to build up a flat disc shape.

The grit size of a wheel is important. It determines the performance of the abrasive. Grit sizes range from 16 to over 100. A lower number indicates a coarser grit size. The spacing pattern on the wheel also affects the performance of the abrasive. If you're buying a cutting wheel for your project, the PaulB Wholesale staff can help you choose the right wheel for your needs.

The type of bond used in a wheel also determines its performance. Bonds can be either organic or synthetic. Organic bonds are more likely to break down quickly under the heat of grinding. They're ideal for rapid stock removal, but aren't recommended for high powered grinders. Resinoid bonds are often used in foundries. They're also used for gumming and saw sharpening.

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