Aluminum Oxide Firing Block

Aluminum oxide firing block is a high-temperature furnace insulation or electrical insulator material with excellent thermal conductivity. The material can be molded, die pressed or isostatically pressed. It can also be shaped using the slip casting and injection molding forming processes.

Often used in glass formulations, small quantities of aluminium oxide can improve the coefficient of expansion, reduce the rate of devitrification and increase the working range, resist acid attack, and reduce cracking, breaking or bending. It can also lengthen the glass’s firing temperature, improve its luster and tensile strength, and make it more ductile and elastic.

Aluminium oxide is also a common ingredient in many chemical products, including sunscreen. It is also a catalyst in many industrial applications, such as the Claus process for converting hydrogen sulfide waste gases into elemental sulfur in refineries.

This compound is also commonly used in the production of precious gemstones, including sapphire and ruby. It is also a preferred filler for bricks, plastics, and heavy clayware.

It is a refractory composite material comprised of Al2O3 in the form of corundum, SiO2 in the form of quartz and sodium aluminate. The composition can be used for a variety of ceramic items, including high-temperature refractory tubes and industrial crucibles.

It is used in the fabrication of a wide range of refractory and electrical equipment, including refractory tubes, industrial crucibles, gas laser tubes, laboratory equipment, and seal rings. It is also widely used in the manufacturing of high-temperature furnace insulation, electrical insulators, and microchips.

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