Aluminium Oxide Transparent

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aluminium oxide transparent is an optically transparent crystalline material. The compound is made up of alumina powder alloys and is used in various applications such as infrared optical windows, sensor components, and the military defense industry.

Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound that consists of two aluminum atoms and three oxygen atoms. It has an odorless white appearance. It occurs naturally as corundum and bauxite, and is used in the manufacture of aluminium metals, abrasives, glass and ceramics.

Its chemical formula is Al2O3. It has an amphoteric character that means it can react with acids and bases in a process called redox.

Aluminum oxide is very reactive to chlorine trifluoride and ethylene oxide, but most compounds do not react with it quickly. Mixing it with these chemicals can cause a fire.

The properties of aluminum oxide can be manipulated by anodising or plasma electrolytic oxidation (see the "Properties" above). Conventional direct current anodizing procedures present a porous coating layer with a hardness and abrasion-resistant property comparable to hardened carbon steel alloys.

However, discharge assisted oxidation processes such as plasma electrolytic oxidation can produce a much more dense and hard coating. This is due to a higher percentage of crystalline alumina in the coating.

This is an important property in the aluminium industry, where aluminium oxide is used to make wire guides, machinery seals and metering devices. It also provides corrosion resistance to metallic aluminium.

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