Aluminium Oxide Suppliers & Manufacturers

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Aluminium oxide is a very sharp and long-lasting hard abrasive that can be used many times, and is suitable for use in Suctions & Pressure Blast Cabinets (sandblasting media suppliers uk). It is used for cleaning and micro-roughening composite, ceramic and metal surfaces prior to cementation or to reinforce adhesion with bonding agents. It is also widely used in research and development of rubbing materials, friction processes, wear mechanisms and lubricants. It is particularly useful for testing friction damage in parts with relatively small structural dimensions and for testing rubbing behaviour in a laboratory environment, avoiding the complexities of field testing(sandblasting grit uk).

Alumina, the common name for aluminium oxide, is produced from bauxite through the energy intensive process of electrolytic reduction. It is the major raw material for the production of pure aluminium metal, and is also used as an abrasive and in ceramics. It is also a key component in the manufacture of zeolites and coating titania pigments.

Phoenix Scientific Industries, based in Hailsham, East Sussex, supplies advanced atomising systems for processing the raw material to produce fine spherical aluminium powders of precise particle size distribution. These systems are ATEX-rated, and can be delivered in batch or continuous mode. The powders can be used for a variety of applications including thermal spray coatings, the production of paints, Additive Manufacturing and as a support material for industrial catalysts such as those used in hydrodesulfurization and Ziegler-Natta polymerisations. The company's HERMIGA atomiser range can be scaled up to provide large capacity production systems.

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