Aluminium Oxide Supplier Malaysia

Among all the suppliers of Aluminium oxide in Malaysia, ABSCO Limited has a high reputation. It is a leading supplier of this material and has the capacity to offer various purity grades.

The company offers its services in the fields of exterior, interior, and light industrial usage. Its products are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Besides, the company has a Workshop Area of 35,000 square meters, where you can get free samples. It also provides information on Aluminium Oxide.

This material has some excellent properties, including its corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight. Moreover, it has easy processing and application. Hence, it is widely used in various areas. It is also a preferred filler in plastics. It is a good substitute for industrial diamond, and it is less expensive. Moreover, it is chemically inert.

The main raw material of this material is alumina. It is the key to producing aluminium. The electrolysis of alumina leads to the production of aluminium.

The material is used in manufacturing tiles for high wear areas. However, it is not suitable for impact forces.

It is also widely used in the manufacture of insulation for high temperature furnaces. It is usually combined with UHMWPE or aramid backing. The use of this material helps to reduce air-conditioning costs, energy consumption, and fire damage.

Another important aspect of this material is its flexibility. It has a low density and ductility. This makes it ideal for building facades. Moreover, it is strong and can be shaped into custom shapes. In addition, it does not require much maintenance.

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