Aluminium Oxide Slurry Market

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The aluminium oxide slurry market is forecast to grow at an attractive rate in 2029. The growth can be attributed to the rise in demand for semiconductor devices. In addition, the advent of multilayer characteristics and tech advancements are also driving the industry. The market will experience significant growth in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).


aluminium oxide slurry is an important component of CMP process. It is used in the fabrication of semiconductor wafers and multi-layer structures. The slurry is a highly porous substance that can be mixed with other materials such as acid, phosphate and alkali metal ions. It can be processed using mechanical stirring and ultrasounds.

Rheology Analysis

Rheological studies have been carried out to study the flow behavior of different concentrations and compositions of alumina suspensions. Suspensions containing a very low percentage of alumina particles are not stable in terms of their dispersion. Moreover, they show a power-law flow behavior at high shear rates.

However, slurries with more than 0.04 wt% of HNO3 have a smooth and homogeneous appearance and are stable in terms of their dispersion. They are also low in viscosity and are injectable.

This type of slurry is easy to prepare and has good packing properties up to 40 vol% particles. The packing factor depends on the PVA concentration and can be determined by an empirical formula. Generally, the lower the concentration of PVA, the higher the packing factor is. In addition, the stability of the slurry is improved at pH values between 3 and 6.

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