Aluminium Oxide Sharpening Stone – 8″ Coarse and Fine Grit

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Get your knives sharp on a regular basis with this 8" coarse and fine grit aluminium oxide sharpening stone. A sharp blade is easier to use and safer, as well as improving the overall quality of your food. While getting your knives professionally sharpened is an option, it can be time consuming and costly. Having a sharpening stone in your tool kit allows you to sharpen your knife as needed and save money.

Basically, sharpening stones work through controlled abrasion to cut away the dull metal along the edge of your knife. The type of stone you choose and the coarseness determines how much metal is removed during sharpening. Water or oil stones are available, with each having its own benefits and drawbacks.

Water stones are usually softer and cut faster than oil stones, making them a good choice for beginners. They require frequent flattening, however. Oil stones are made from a variety of materials, including novaculite, silicon carbide, and aluminum oxide. Novaculite is a naturally occurring rock that has been used for centuries to make oil stones. Aluminum oxide is the most popular because it can be manufactured with a consistent grit.

Both water and oil stones need to be coated in honing oil before using them. This helps prevent metal particles from covering the stone surface and slowing down the process. It also reduces the amount of mess you will have to clean up after each use.

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