Aluminium Oxide Mosaic

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aluminium oxide mosaic is a special corundum ceramic which is made of aluminium dioxide as the main raw material and fired at high temperature of around 1700 degrees Celsius. It is a highly corrosion-resistant product that prevents the equipment from wear and damage by resisting acid, salt, alkali and organic solvents. This makes it ideal for use in chemical and mineral industries for lining the chutes, cyclones, screens, hoppers, conveyor skirt and other equipments. It has a very stable molecular structure and its Rockwell hardness is HRA 80-90, which means it can resist abrasion way better than steel, manganese steel or even high chromium cast iron.

Aluminum oxide is a white, odorless, crystalline powder that is water insoluble. It is an important industrial chemical, widely used for abrasives, refractories and as an electrical insulator. It is also a key ingredient in the manufacture of bauxite, the principal ore for aluminium.

Its high melting and boiling points make it a desirable component in the production of aluminium metal, as well as in refractories, spark plugs and micro-electric substrates. It is also a valuable constituent of the gems ruby and sapphire, which owe their characteristic colours to traces of impurities.

Exposure to aluminium oxide fumes can cause respiratory distress in workers in bauxite refining plants. Inhalation of alumina powders can result in pulmonary fibrosis. The fibrosis is characterized by progressive enlargement of interstitial lung cells, which results in a diffuse nodular fibrosis. The condition is associated with a variety of symptoms such as dyspnea, breathlessness, cough and chest pain. It is also associated with an increase in fibronectin concentrations in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid.

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