Aluminium Oxide Granules Manufacturers

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Aluminum oxide granules manufacturers serve various industries including refractory, ceramic, glass and metal. It is used for a number of purposes including in metallurgical processes, as an insulating material and chromatography media. It can also be found in high temperature furnace insulation.

Alumina is a hard, tough and self-sharpening abrasive material. It is used for polishing, cutting and deburring materials in many industrial applications. It is commonly available in grits, powders and grains.

It is an important ingredient in many formulations of glass and some plastics. It is also a common element in some sunscreens and cosmetics.

Aluminium oxide is a mineral with the chemical name Al2O3. It is a white crystalline substance that is very reactive with atmospheric oxygen. It forms a thin passivation layer on metallic aluminium surfaces in a matter of hundreds of picoseconds.

This layer acts as a barrier to the passage of air molecules and is a key factor in the resistance of aluminium to corrosion. It is also a critical component of aluminium alloys, which are used in a variety of industrial applications.

Alumina is also a popular ingredient in the manufacture of a variety of ceramic products. These include spark plugs, tap washers and abrasion resistant tiles. It is a useful filler in the production of refractory linings for molten metal contact, kiln furniture and other heat-resistant refractory applications.

Alumina is also a key ingredient in many manufacturing processes, particularly for crucibles used to produce sapphire crystals. It is often mixed with other minerals such as boron and silicon to improve the strength of crucibles and to enhance the purity of the product.

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