Aluminium Oxide Disc

Aluminum oxide is a mineral with a variety of uses. It is used as a lubricant, anti-rust agent, and abrasive. A wide range of grades are available to suit different uses. In addition, aluminum oxide is a very flexible material. It is commonly used in sandpaper. The sandpaper is usually block shaped, but it can also be made in a classic sheet formation.

Sanding discs are used for sanding and finishing. They are high-quality coated abrasives that provide a uniform scratch pattern. There are a number of different discs available, including abrasive paper and discs that are made of metal. These are all designed to provide the ideal finish for a variety of applications. Discs are available in various sizes and are backed by pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Abrasive paper discs are ideal for sanding and cleaning. They are available in a wide range of grades and grits. They are suitable for use on various grinding bodies, including orbital sanders and large backstand grinders. Discs are easy to change because they have a hook and loop type fastening.

Discs are also available in resin bonded versions. Resin bonded discs are perfect for weld grinding and stock removal. Abrasive paper discs are made of full resin bonded aluminium oxide abrasive paper, which provides an open structure that increases stability and strength.

Alternatively, abrasive discs can be made from zirconia or ceramic. Zirconia is known to be tougher and can endure heavy loads. However, zirconia is expensive.

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