Aluminium Oxide Crucible Ignition Temperature

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The Square Alumina Crucible Combustion Boat with Cover is a melting pot made of alumina ceramic that can resist high temperatures and is also resistant to corrosion. This is a very useful piece of laboratory equipment because it can be used in many different reactions and can prevent contamination from outside microorganisms and other materials. Alumina is also resistant to acid, alkali, salt, and atmospheric carbon dioxide. This makes it an ideal material for storing solutions. It also has stable thermal response and sluggish heat transfer, which helps to prevent hands from burning when handling the vessel.

aluminium oxide crucible ignition temperature is typically between 1650 and 1800 degC. Alumina crucibles are made from a highly pure raw material, which is called corundum and has a purity of more than 99%. The crucibles are available in several shapes including cylindrical, conical, square, etc. They are also easy to clean and can be used for a long time. However, it is important to install them correctly and use them properly to reduce crucible failures.

This chemical is typically used in laboratory environments that require contamination-free results. It is also a common ingredient in ceramics and inert metal crucibles. When inhaled, this alumina powder acts as an insoluble dust that is easily cleared from the lung. Radiolabeled 26Al inhalation studies have shown that alumina does not appear to cause any health hazards when inhaled as long as the particle size is not too small. The main health hazard associated with primary aluminum production is fluoride exposure.

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