Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media UK

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aluminium oxide blasting media uk is one of the most common abrasive blasting materials used by industrial professionals. It is ideal for a wide range of blasting applications and has several unique properties which make it a superior choice over other materials.

Abrasive blasting is a process where abrasive media is propelled through a nozzle to clean or treat the surface of a workpiece. This can be done using portable abrasive systems, mobile blasting cabinets or in a dedicated blast room.

Blasting media comes in many different varieties, each with its own properties and application. Agricultural or organic blasting media is made from nutshells, fruit kernels and corn starch while more abrasive synthetic abrasives include silicon carbide (SiC), sands, glass beads, ceramic shot and engineered abrasives.

Softer abrasive media are available for more delicate applications where the underlying material is not to be damaged by the grit. Agricultural media is typically softer than metallic or manufactured abrasives and can be used for graffiti removal, cleaning brick or stonework or preparing surfaces ahead of coating or welding, among other tasks.

Hard abrasive media are typically designed for harder jobs, where the underlying material needs to be cleaned and sanded. This can be achieved through dry or wet abrasive blasting, with wet media offering the advantage of a lubricating fluid to help propel the abrasive.

The hardness of the abrasive also affects how quickly it breaks down and how much dust it creates during the blasting operation. This can be a major concern for operators, limiting their visibility and making them more prone to accidents as well as increasing the cost of replacement parts and blasting equipment maintenance and repair.

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