Aluminium Oxide and ChemSpider

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Aluminium oxide is the chemist's choice for a metal-oxide compound with an alkaline pH, which is why it makes for a good conductor of heat. It's also good at resisting corrosion and absorbing odors, which is why you can find it in heating elements. It's safe to dump with regular trash and should not be inhaled, though it's best avoided.

Alumina chemistry may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a popular choice in manufacturing and industrial processes. It is used as an abrasive, in ceramic coatings, as a pigment in paints and in many other applications. In some industries, it is also used as a protective coating to prevent contamination.

One of the most useful uses for alumina is in its role as an insulator. Alumina is a common component in electrical wires and insulation, and it is found in a variety of other materials such as ceramics and glass. It can be oxidised to form aluminium sulfate, and it is also an ingredient in certain types of aluminophosphate compounds.

ChemSpider is a free online chemical database that combines the data from over 400 different sources to offer users a comprehensive, well-organized and searchable source of information about virtually any given chemical compound. As of this writing, the site has aggregated almost 25 million unique chemical structures.

The database is a collaboration between the Royal Society of Chemistry and the University of Cambridge. The site is also a community for chemists who contribute to its enhancement and curation via its eponymous forums and associated blogs.

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