Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Paste

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Aluminum oxide abrasive paste has a wide variety of applications in various industries. It can be used for various abrasive grinding, polishing, etching and cutting processes. It also has good performance and high stability. It can be recycled and re-used for several times before it starts to break down.

Aluminium oxide is an ideal abrasive for surface abrasion treatments as it can remove most contaminants without breaking up. It has a hardness of just a little lower than diamond on the Mohs scale and has excellent strength, allowing it to penetrate into tougher materials such as steels.

It is an ideal abrasive for blasting and grinding of metal, glass and wood. It has a low iron content which means it does not leave rust deposits on your parts. It is also a cost effective abrasive as it can be recycled and reclaimed for multiple passes in the blasting process.

Abrasives are an essential tool for any manufacturing or maintenance facility, as they are able to remove debris and accumulations from surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to clean. They can also be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of a finished part for subsequent painting, coating or NDT testing.

Abrasive materials can produce a lot of dust during cleaning, so it is important that they are non-toxic and safe for operatives to work with. This is especially the case with aluminium oxide as it is a naturally occurring substance that produces no harmful chemicals or toxins.

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